Maine Well Pump Servicing & Repairs

Serving the needs of the people in southern and central Maine since 1989

Get Your Water Pumps Serviced By Our Team

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What We Do

We offer a wide array of well pump service. From shallow wells at a lake house to municipal wells and everything in between. Let our professional team serve you!

Residential Well Pump Service

Emergency well pump service.
New England has a variety of well and pump types. We offer full service for any type of well system new or old.

Commercial Well Pump Service

Equipped and experienced for all commercial water delivery applications. Full crane service for deep set and high HP pumps. We can design and maintain VFD systems to accomplish any commercial need.

About Our Water Well Pump Maintenance Services

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The well pump, pressure tank, variable speed controller, and related equipment provide the backbone of any water well system. Submersible pump quality is of critical importance. Although brass, cast iron, and even plastic composite pumps are available, stainless steel is the industry standard. 

Water well problems generally fall within one (or more) general categories:

  • No Water/Well Pump Or Related Equipment Failure
  • Low Water Pressure/Low Water Flow
  • Running Out Of Water/Low Well Production
  • Poor Water Quality (Poor Taste Or Contamination)

With multiple master plumbers on the team you can be assured we understand the entire system when we diagnose your water problems. 

We are also Maine licensed Drinking Water System Operators, this gives us familiarity and education with the state’s requirements for municipal and community pump projects. 

We offer services for a variety of needs and customers: 

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Irrigation
  • Real Estate Services
  • New Construction Or Remodel
  • Management Company Services
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