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Our Reverse Osmosis Filtration Service


Point-Of-Use Filters

Point of Use RO systems are fantastic for small spaces. They fit under your sink, and will provide you with clean drinking water. These systems are one of the most cost effective methods of removing arsenic from your drinking water.

Whole-House Filtration

These systems are great for coastal homes, or areas with high sodium and chloride.

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What To Expect

A reverse osmosis system is a specialized form of water filtration that reduces your reliance on plastic bottles by providing clean, potable water right from your tap.

About Our Reverse Osmosis Filtration Services

A whole house reverse osmosis system is used for high sodium and chloride “Brackish” water.

Reverse osmosis also helps with nitrates which can enter our water from a number of sources including fertilizers, manure, human waste, composts, sewage sludge, legume and ‘green manure’ crops. The Safe Drinking Water Act allows a maximum of 10 mg/l Nitrates as safe. There are serious health effects to both humans and animals that can result from high levels of Nitrates.

Whole house systems are designed to fit your usage and flow needs. As well as sized to fit your available space. 

Most whole house systems require service every 3-6 months to keep them running optimally. Our experienced technicians will keep your whole house RO running smoothly!

PDF explaining the 5 stages of reverse osmosis systems
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