Direct Water Dispensers



No Bottles to lift, store, spill or pollute our planet

Solid, Compact Space-Saving Design

Brushed Steel Side Panels

White/Grey/Black Colors to Match any Decor

Stainless Steel Hot and Cold Tanks

Large Dispense Area for Tall Sport Bottles

Fast Dispense Rate

Coffee Maker/Ice Machine Port

Continuous Water Supply

Energy Efficient

Environmentally Friendly





Before you reach for another bottle... Consider the Cost!

Billions of barrels of oil are used to process, package and transport bottled water.

Over 30 billion non-biodegradable plastic water bottles end up in our landfills annually.

Up to 30% of all bottled water is just plain tap water.

Plastic water bottles can leach harmful chemicals into your drinking water.

Bottled Water coolers are open systems that can spread bacteria and viruses.

Storing and changing water bottles is a messy waste of time and space.

Americans spend over $10,000,000,000.00 pear year on bottled water...

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